Wanna Maria Fiori is not for women not for men, not for fashion
It's our way of thinking of living of being, it's our own fashion;
As when we decide to realize a pair of shoes, those are the shoes we have fallen in love with, if we decide to make a bag, that is the bag we really desire.
Wanna Maria Fiori is UNIQUE UNISEX and AGE-LESS
A SINGLE sober style in ONE shape, for women, men, and also for children.
ONE soul for ONE collection inspired by contemporary life in contemporary spaces, thought and realized to mean essentially what we are: UNIQUE in every single way.
Every day we are working with a smile upon our faces because we love our job and this love is the secret of our bonnheure
We're not worried about the future because we are ready to change with the world and we keep our dreems alive to create good things
There is no difference between a man and a woman as they need the same things
As everybody is ONE, choose ONE style. Choosing mind(s)